Frequently Asked Questions

You can write a product review with just 5 easy steps:

  1. On any product page, scroll down and on the left-hand part of the screen, underneath the ‘Customer Feedback section’, you will see a button titled ‘Write a review of this product’.

  2. Once you click on that button you will see an image of the product, a text box, a rating section, and three sections on how the product fits. Please fill in as much information as you’d like. You can also insert your name, where you live, your email address and other brands that you recommend. *Please note: this section is designed around how a shoe fits. We are working on updating this section to be dynamic based on the product type. If the question does not pertain to your product type, please feel free to just type in your review in the text box and select the star ratings.

  3. Then, click on the orange ‘Submit your Review’ button.

  4. Once you’ve submitted your review, it may take up to 5 business days for it to appear on the site.

  5. Please visit our Review Guidelines and Terms of Use to review the legal terms and conditions concerning your submission of reviews.

Yes we do! To get in contact with one of our live chat specialists, look for the Live Help button located on the top left hand of the page, to the right of our phone number. If you are unable to see this button, it saddens us to say that we do not have a specialist available to assist via chat.

Please visit our Zappos Price Matching page to learn about our price matching policy.

No. We do not do back orders. If an item is out of stock the Zappos Customer Loyalty Team will notify you as soon as possible and ask if you would like a replacement item. Out of stock orders will be cancelled unless a replacement item is requested.

If you process the return by yourself through our website, unfortunately UPS is the only option for most customers. We provide shipping labels using UPS for easy, fast and secure shipping and package tracking. However, we understand that UPS isn't always convenient for everyone and we want to make returning to Zappos as easy as possible. If you would rather receive a USPS return label instead of a UPS return label, simply contact us and we'll be happy to send you one!

Orders with Gift Cards as payment will be refunded back to an e-Gift Card for your convenience. New Gift card codes will be emailed to your email address on file.

Regrettably, our pre-paid labels do not cover the price for international returns. To use our pre-paid labels, shipments must be sent from the United States.

For the vast majority of returns, it takes about 5-10 Business Days for us to get your package at the fulfillment center, inspect your return, process it into inventory, and complete your refund. If the refund is being issued to a credit card, depending on your credit card company, it may take an additional 2-10 Business Days after your credit is applied for it to post to your account.